Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

AIS provides horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for underground construction, utility installation, and cable laying. Our specialty is drilling through rock formations such as sandstone, gneiss, limestone, boulders, and cobble. Our operators are experienced in holding the intended bore path during drilling and selecting the appropriate tools for the ground formations at hand. As a result, customers are able to rely on our teams to consistently complete bores on time and within budget.

What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling Used For?

Horizontal drilling is necessary for a wide range of reasons. We can drill to make space for any sort of reservoir, passage or conduit and allow clear passage for pipes, sewers and drains. Some of the most common uses for our horizontal rock drilling services in Alabama and Georgia include:

At Alexanders Industrial Services, we have these uses covered and are one of the top horizontal rock directional drilling contractors you’ll find in the Southeast United States. With our experience and knowledge, we can drill through all different types of rock and create your passages and openings with precision and speed.

Our team will take the time to study your directional drilling project as well as the nature and type of rock and materials we’ll be drilling through. We leave nothing up to chance and apply the right methods and equipment to ensure a successful drill job that’s on time and budget.

Before starting, we also ensure you fully understand the steps we’ll take and communicate with you as the project advances. That way, you can be confident you’re getting the best directional drilling contract services possible.

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