Alexander Industrial Services has Joined the AIMS Companies Family!

Since 2010, Alexander Industrial has been proudly providing industrial and environmental solutions to customers in the southeastern United States. We are proud to say we have joined the AIMS Companies Family.

Expect the same great service with the same great people here at the AIMS Companies.

AIMS maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks, hydroblasters and other specialized equipment to tackle any industrial cleaning project. If you’ve ever called an industrial service company then you know it’s more than just the equipment that sets a company apart. It’s the crew too. Our crews are the best at what they do. No matter how tough the task, our industrial service crews have the hardcore work ethic, professional attitude, and attention to detail to get the job completed on time and within budget!

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Our Impressive List of Services

Our Impressive List of Services We’ve expanded our portfolio to offer even more services than before. Our team is proud to be an industry leader thanks to the following capabilities:

Vacuum trucks: Our wet/dry vacuum trucks are available to remove liquid material from drains, boilers, tanks, pits and other contained areas, as well as small and large-diameter pipes.

Water blasting: Take advantage of our waterblasting services to clean out remote and inaccessible areas as well as underground infrastructure with our powerful and precise water jets.

Food-grade cleaning: Due to the strict hygiene standards required for the food industry, we pay careful attention to detail and adhere to specific protocols for food production facilities.

Environmental and disaster recovery: Our professional technicians are ready to respond on weekends and holidays for environmental situations, including transportation incident response and industrial plant emergencies. After an environmental or other type of disaster occurs, we help contain any spills or discharges to limit environmental and human impact and provide remediation.

Directional drilling: We offer horizontal directional drilling and specialize in drilling through all types of rock formations, including sandstone, boulders, cobble, gneiss and limestone.

Container management: We offer container management solutions to assist you with all of your industrial cleaning projects. Whether you need a frac tank, dewatering box, or a vacuum container, we have you covered!

Baghouse changeout: We use our powerful vacuum trucks to fully clean your filtration baghouses and replace all of your filter elements for optimal dust filtration and air purification.
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Environmental Services

Emergencies can happen any time and at any place. That's why AIMS Companies has professional technicians ready to respond on weekends and on holidays. We offer several services for environmental solutions that include Transportation Incident Response, Industrial Plant Emergencies, and Natural Disaster Clean-up and Recovery.

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On top of these services, we also carry a wide range of environmental products you can keep on hand at your site or facility to be ready in case of an accident or spill. Check out our various sorbents, spill kits and other containers and containment solutions and be ready for any situation that might occur.

You can either give us a call or fill in our online contact form for more information or to get your free quote. AIMS Companies can save you time and money, so let us know today how we can help!

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