Air & Hydro Excavation


Air and hydro excavation — also known as hydrovac or hydro trenching — is the state-of-the-art solution for exposing underground utility lines, pipelines and railroad switches and crossings. The process involves using precisely focused flows of air or water to dislodge the earth, while simultaneously vacuuming the loosened debris into a vacuum truck for reuse or disposal.

Air and hydro excavation services are performed using a highly mobile, all-in-one system that serves as an excavator, loader and transporter. Because just one machine is necessary, it is possible to complete hydro excavations in remote or rough terrain areas that are inaccessible to larger fleets of equipment.

Hydro excavation is a non-destructive technique that virtually eliminates the potential for damage to existing underground infrastructure. As a result, it is suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas and locations where power lines, water lines or other buried cables are present.

Most importantly, the main advantage of air and hydro excavation is safety. By protecting sensitive infrastructure, the chances of an on-the-job accident are substantially lowered. This, in turn, helps you meet your timelines and stick to your budget with a minimal risk to your crew.

Applications and Industries

Air and hydro excavation is used for several different applications, including:

The diversity of potential applications for air and hydro excavation make it an excellent choice for a range of different industries. Power and utility contractors, pipeline and refinery development crews, and airport and railway engineering companies, among others, all frequently use air and hydro excavation services for technically demanding jobs.

Benefits At-A-Glance

Air and hydro excavations offer several critical advantages over similar processes. Chief among these include:

These are just a few of reasons why demanding businesses request our air and hydro excavation services. To learn if the process is right for your upcoming project, contact AIMS Companies directly.

Working With AIMS Companies

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