Food Grade Cleaning

Same Great Quality of Service Everytime

Our food grade cleaning services provide the same quality of work as our other service lines, with the added attention to detail and focus on cleanliness. Our personnel maintains a high level of diligence in adhering to health and safety regulations to ensure our operations never negatively impact the cleanliness or quality of foods being manufactured. Prior to entering any food production facility, we undergo a rigorous process to ensure our protective clothing, equipment, and tools are clean and sanitary.

Due to the critical regulations related to the food processing industry, you can’t trust just any industrial cleaning company to take care of your food processing equipment cleaning. Our team here at AIMS Companies is knowledgeable and experienced and can propose the best food industrial cleaning services required for your business.

We use advanced equipment and proven techniques to provide a deep clean and remove all dust, grease, and other dirt from your food processing and handling installations.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) imposes strict guidelines on food handling and preparation to ensure all food products are safe for consumers. Thanks to our experience, we can help you prepare for GMA audits. We know what cleaning is required to pass a GMA audit and will consider all the factors:

• Cleaning all surfaces and containers
• Using approved cleaning products
• Removing all dirt and grime
• Verifying food preparation equipment

Before we start, we go over our food-grade cleaning plan with you and explain all of the steps we will take to ensure proper cleanliness. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and return your food preparation facility to like-new condition. If you have a GMA audit to prepare for, let us know and we’ll get our team on the job with our best cleaning methods, products, and equipment.


Clean food handling doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a conscientious and consistent partner who understands the serious nature of industrial food grade cleaning and sanitizing. At AIMS Companies, we offer the following solutions:

• Cleaning of Food Processing Equipment
• Confined Space Cleaning of Oven Interiors
• Conveyors, Grates, Handling Equipment
• Fryers, Stacks, & Fans
• Pipe & Drain Cleaning
• Surface Preparation & Cleaning
• Dust Management
• Clarifiers, Tanks, Waste Pits

Come and discover all of the food-related cleaning and sanitizing solutions we have here at AIMS Companies. We’re proud of the level of service and value we can bring to your business and will ensure that your facility is ready to pass your next GMA audit with flying colors. Don’t trust the cleanliness and quality of your food products to just any company. Turn to the trusted Alabama and Georgia business that has proven time and time again to be the leader in industrial cleaning services for food manufacturers.

Contact us today — either by phone or online contact form — and we’ll prepare your free quote. We can also give you tips and advice on maintaining a clean food preparation environment through the use of standard cleaning procedures and advanced products and cleaning equipment. We look forward to helping you get clean, so give us a call today!