Industrial Cleaning Services

Vacuum Truck Services featuring wet/dry industrial air movers and liquid ring trucks for rapid load transfers, material recovery, or removal of any material from pits, tanks, boilers, silos, dust collectors, lagoons, storm drains, retention ponds, pipes, etc.

Waterblasting Services for heavy industrial cleaning service applications to include, but not limited to, cleaning and surface preparation of tanks, pits, reactors, process pipes, drain pipes, machinery, tank cars, and vessels.

Food Grade Cleaning to meet the strict hygiene standards of food production facilities and their cleaning needs with regard to fryers, stacks, oven interiors, dust removal, conveyors, silos, and tanks.
Industrial manufacturing plant being cleaned

AIMS Companies provides industrial cleaning services and plant maintenance services for commercial clients, industrial facilities, and manufacturers throughout Alabama, Georgia, and the southeast region of the United States. Our industrial cleaning equipment consists of a wide array of modern hydro blasters, pressure washers, vacuum trucks, air compressors, media blasters, and pumps.

We service a wide array of industries to include, but not limited to, manufacturing, food processing, pulp/paper, terminal and bulk storage, refining, pharmaceutical, and energy. Whether you need silo cleaning, bulk material removal, process pipe cleaning, or drain jetting, we have the equipment and trained personnel for the job.

Our staff is ready to plan, coordinate, and execute a full range of industrial cleaning services and projects. We will learn your planned maintenance needs as well as prepare for unscheduled events to keep your processes running efficiently. We match each scope of work with appropriately trained individuals and the specific equipment to complete the task. Our industrial cleaning services crew have earned a loyal customer following through the years by consistently providing prompt service and impeccable results time and time again. The value of our services is fully appreciated when projects allow the integration of our other environmental and mechanical service departments to provide a truly turnkey project execution.

High-Pressure Washing

We have a fleet of equipment capable of offering a wide range of pressures and flow rates to clean any interior or exterior surface that is safe to clean with water. This cost-effective process can be used to remove various built-up materials on solid surfaces, screens, tanks, pipes, equipment or in any area that allows multiple angle cleaning with or without oscillation. In addition, steam cleaning can also be used with or without the addition of specialty chemicals or degreasers to allow maximum cleaning effectiveness.

Material Loading and Material Transfer Services

Transferring or loading bulk materials and industrial wastes, both hazardous and non-hazardous, can be an incredibly efficient process with our air movers and liquid ring vacuum trucks. Using high-velocity suction, we can transfer any liquid, semi-solid, or solid materials that can fit through an 8” vacuum hose. We can remove materials from silos, tanks, pits, or any other container into a staged truck or rail container for transportation to another facility or for disposal.

Furthermore, we have our own array of roll-off trucks, frac tanks, tankers, and transportation means to move your waste to the final destination.
Industrial Vacuum Truck

Liquid & Solid Vacuuming

In addition to our material loading capabilities, our liquid ring and air mover vacuum trucks can remove and transport liquids, semi-solids, and solid materials from tanks, pits, ponds, or other containment vessels to its’ final destination. These vacuum trucks are commonly used to remove sludge from oil water separators (OWS), assist in spill clean-up, and tank cleanouts, amongst other tasks. To further complement our fleet of vacuum trucks, we have a variety of dewatering boxes, both sealed and unsealed, that allow us to separate solids from liquids resulting in a dry solid capable of passing a paint filter test for disposal.

Food Industry Cleaning

Our food grade industrial cleaning services complement our client’s food safety goals. We have years of experience in both routine and emergency cleaning of ovens, stacks, conveyors, silos, and fryers. One area of expertise that we have become particularly proficient in is preparing plants for annual GMA audits.

  • Tank & Pipe Cleaning
  • Silo Cleaning
  • Solid, Liquid, and Sludge Removal
  • Process Equipment Cleaning
  • Fan & Stack Cleaning

We invite you to visit the individual service pages to learn more about how we can help you with our broad range of industrial services. From regular cleaning to emergency spill response and long-term environmental soil remediation, our team here at AIS has you covered. We’ll focus on the unique challenges of your situation and find the best solution for fast and affordable cleaning.

You can also fill out our online contact for or give us a call to obtain your free quote. Come find out how we’ve become a leader in industrial services throughout Alabama and Georgia!