Oil, Gas & Utility Services

For fast and reliable results for all of your oil, gas and utility services, you need to turn to a trusted partner. If you’re in the Southeast United States, your best choice is AIMS Companies. We have decades of experience as a leading industrial cleaning and environmental services provider and now offer a whole host of oil, gas and utility-related services to customers in Alabama and Georgia.

Two of our most popular and useful services are directional drilling/boring and sewer and pipe CCTV inspections. In both cases, we’re fully equipped for the job and show up ready to get to work. We plan out every detail of our boring or inspection jobs to make sure we’re ready for all situations. Don’t let just any utility service company handle your important drilling and inspection tasks. Come to a proven local leader with the knowledge and experience you need to offer the service your business deserves.


Sewer and Pipe CCTV Inspections

The creation of CCTV technology for sewer and pipe inspections revolutionized the way you inspect and maintain your sewer pipes and infrastructure. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, our CCTV equipment can fit in a wide range of sewer pipe diameters and orientations. We can inspect as we advance through your network of small and large diameter pipes and provide you with useful video for later review.

If you have a troublesome blockage or want to stay on top of your regular sewer pipe maintenance, our CCTV inspections will save you time and money. Let us know about your sewer layout, and we’ll put together a plan to cover all of your pipes with our advanced CCTV equipment so that you know what’s going on inside.

Air & Hydro Excavation Services

To safely remove dirt and debris from underground utility lines, pipes, railroad switches, and more, you can count on our air and hydro excavation team to assist you with your project. This method of loosening the debris and vacuuming the materials away to reuse or dispose of is reliable, faster than traditional digging methods, cost effective, and, most importantly, it reduces the risk of injury for our team and yours. Take a look at our Air & Hydro Excavation page to learn more about the safest and fastest means of excavation around underground infrastructure and reaching remote or inaccessible areas.

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We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your first choice for all of your oil, gas, and utility service needs. For years, we’ve been a leading contractor in Alabama and Georgia and are proud of the directional drilling and CCTV inspection services we can offer.

You can request a free quote or more information by simply choosing one of our convenient contact methods or by giving us a call right away at 866-234-8225. We’ll answer your questions and explain why more and more Southeast customers are turning to AIMS Companies.