Pond Closures

The environmental remediation of a pond needs to be handled in a safe and environmentally respectful way. Here at AIMS Companies, we have the experience you can count on to take care of all of your pond dredging, cleaning, containment, and closure needs.

How Do Municipal and Manufacturing Plant Pond Closures Work?

Open ponds used for wastewater treatment, containment, or recycling present an environmental risk. There are several steps involved in this process, which our team here at AIMS Companies can take care of for you:

With our help,  you can reduce your environmental liabilities and ensure our pond closure services meet legal compliance.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing AIMS Companies?

Here at AIMS Companies, we understand the serious nature of pond remediation and closure and will work with you to run a successful project that meets your time and budget restrictions. We’re a local leader in pond closures and other environmental services for customers across the Southeast United States.

If you’re in Alabama or Georgia, we can create the pond closure plan that gets you in compliance with EPA rules and regulations. It’ll also ensure safe drinking water and a clean environment for inhabitants of your geographic zone.

Contact Our Team for More Information

At AIMS Companies, we understand that each pond dredging, cleaning and capping/closure is a different story. The unique features, history and concentration of your pond need unique pond closure services. We’re available in Alabama and Georgia in cities like Phenix City and Columbus and have run many successful ash pond closure projects in the area.

We invite you to contact our team today and obtain a free quote. We’ll consult with you and visit your site and put together a detailed plan that emphasizes safe and efficient cleaning and closure of your ash pond. Follow the link to our contact page to choose the most convenient method to get in touch with us. You can also give us a call at 866-234-8225 to get more information right away.