Vacuum Trucks

More Than Just a Vacuum Truck

If you’ve ever called an industrial service company for their vacuum services before, then you know it is more than just a vacuum truck that makes the difference – it’s the crew too. With AIMS Companies you get the complete package. Our crews are the best at what they do – our hardcore work ethic and professional attitude are second to none.

AIMS Companies maintains a fleet of wet/dry industrial air movers and liquid ring vacuum trucks that can be mobilized 24/7 for any kind of job imaginable. Our vacuum trucks have the power to pick up any material from any location, and our remote cyclone units are used to discharge the material directly into a vessel of your choice – saving both time and money.

We’re constantly renewing and updating our fleet of powerful vacuum trucks to be sure we’re ready for all your vacuum truck needs. You can call us 24/7 in case of an emergency or set up a regular industrial vacuum cleaning schedule to keep your processes and equipment clean. Our hydro evacuation trucks are designed for a wide range of cleaning and pumping services. When you contact us for planned or emergency service, we discuss your pumping needs to account for:

  • Fluid or material volume and nature
  • Access and location (including pipe diameters)
  • Required level of cleanliness

We know every customer has unique needs and expectations, which is why we adapt to your situation. Come and find out why more and more Alabama and Georgia customers are turning to AIMS Companies for our impressive range of material recovery, wet/dry air moving, oil and water separator, hydro trenching and other advanced liquid cleaning and vacuuming services.

Trust Your Cleanup To Us

We rapidly and safely vacuum abrasive solids, heavy sludges, liquids, and powders without stirring up dust and particles. Weld slag, wood chips, grain, mill scale, steel shot, rock, glass, sawdust, and debris are just a few examples of material we routinely remove for our customers.

You may have regular vacuuming requirements or need emergency service after a spill, leak or disaster. In all cases, we’re available for consultation by phone or through our online contact form. Tell us about your needs for cleaning with an industrial vacuum or other material recovery equipment. Our liquid ring trucks are available across Alabama and Georgia to take care of your cleaning and vacuuming.


We can take care of the following industrial cleaning and vacuuming services:

  • Tanks, Boilers, Clarifiers
  • Sumps, Pits, Bilges, Ponds
  • Conveyors, Pipes, Drains
  • Material/Debris Removal
  • Dewatering Solutions
  • Load Transfers
  • Bulk Material Recovery

We can also perform sludge separation, hydro trenching, sludge separation and air evacuation services, as well as baghouse cleanout. This involves removing dirt from your air and dust collection units as well as replacing the filter elements. We use our powerful vacuum trucks to ensure all dirt has been removed and that your filtration system is in optimal condition and cleanliness for reliable filtration.

You’re invited to write us today or give us a call and find out more about all of our vacuum-related industrial options and obtain a free quote. Our trained crews will show up with our trucks and equipment and make quick work of your cleaning and pumping needs so you can get back to work.